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Why choose us?

With more than 13 years of experience, Mixa Entertainment, Inc is a nationwide company that specializes in providing upscale exotic entertainment. We only hire the highest class performers that will provide you a complete entertainment experience so you can rest assure that with us, you are getting the quality service you expect and deserve.

Be careful of those agencies that will promise you “everything” is included for the initial fee, or “guarantee” the dancers will stay 2 hours or more, this is not true! Some of them will even dedicate a 10 minute speech trashing all other agencies just to convince you to book with them.

We offer classy exotic entertainment for practically any type of occasion or event, including private events, bachelor parties,birthday parties, going away parties, guy’s night out, office parties, retirement parties, golf outings, boat parties and poker parties. Or if you have something different in mind give us a call! We can customize entertainment options just for you.

I have never done this! What do I need to know to plan my party?

First you need to choose the venue; it can be anywhere you would like! Private Homes, hotels, offices, limousines, party buses, private party halls, restaurants, bars or any location you want, just remember that it’s very important that you get permission from the management of the location (if private owned) before you book your entertainment.

Having your party at a Hotel room? No problem!Just a little advice: don’t bother asking for permission! They will always say no! The key is to keep noise level down. Our entertainers have performed in pretty much all hotels in your area, so they know what they need to do to make your event a success. When booking your party please let us know the first and last name of the person whose name the room is reserved under, and don’t forget to call us as soon you check in to give us the room number that you want the dancers to arrive at.

Make sure to inform all your guests ahead of time that there will be adult entertainment at the party, this way you can prevent people from being offended and also will give them the opportunity to come prepared to participate in the entertainers activities, ask them to bring tip money and make sure they understand how the show flows.

Is there a minimum number of guests to have my party?What about age restrictions?

The minimum number to have a party is 3 people, remember all party guests MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS FO AGE!! No exceptions! If the dancers arrive at your party and there are minors (including babies) they have the right to not perform and you still are responsible for the show up fee.

How fair in advance do I need to make my reservation?

We suggest that you reserve your entertainers as soon as possible! Even though we provide same-day service, our dancers schedules fill up quickly and their availability is on a first come first serve basis, booking early gives you a widest choice of entertainers possible.

Need entertainment today?

Give us a call!, any of our representatives will walk you through the reservation process and answer any questions you may have. If you receive a message when calling, don't worry, that just means we are on the other line! So leave a brief message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I make a reservation and what will I need?

You can make you reservation using our online form or by calling us 877-75STRIP, you will need to provide your name, your phone number, a backup number, date and time of the event, address and type of event. Not sure about address or something else? You can always make your reservation and call us back with any missing information, this way you secure the entertainers for the day of your party.

It’s very important to give the entertainers a 1 hour time window for their arrival, in case of any delays due to traffic, parking, construction, or other delays. So when booking please provide this 1 hour window to the agent.

Please choose 4-6 entertainers from our galleries;we will always do our best to get you the entertainers of your choice; however we cannot guarantee your choices because our dancers are independent contractors, so bookings are subject to availability. If the dancer of your choice is not available we will try to send you someone comparable. Remember that in the event of an emergency o last minute cancellation from our dancer we reserve the right to send you another dancer to cover your party, however rest assure you will get the hottest, sexiest and wildest dancers from the industry.

Please note that you may be required to make a deposit to secure your reservation, the balance will be paid to the entertainer in cash upon arrival. Need another type of payment arrangement? Give us a call! We will always do our best to accommodate our customers’ requests.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Sorry!But we cannot take full credit card payments. We only accept initial deposits on charge cards to reserve the entertainer. The remaining balance must be paid in cash to the dancer on party night. We offer discreet billing, you credit card statement will appear as Mixa Entertainment Inc.

Party night!! What do I need?

Please be ready to pay your entertainers upon their arrival. If you have any questions or special requests let them know at this point, please keep in mind that the dancers will get fully nude, so if you want them topless or full bikini, this would be the time to request so. Male dancers usually will strip down to a G-string or sexy boxers, they may charge an extra fee to get fully nude.

Dancers will arrive in their street clothes and a bag full of naughty surprises, so please provide them with a private room to change for the show, a clean bathroom or a bedroom is perfect for them to get ready to rock your party.

The entertainers usually will bring their own music and CD player; however it’s always a great idea to have a backup audio system just in case! Party should be at an indoor location, have plenty of sitting space for your guest to enjoy the show and close all doors and curtains to prevent non-guest to view the party.Advice all guests to keep the noise down, we don’t want that grouchy neighbor calling the cops and ruin your party!!

Place a chair in the center of the room for your guest of honor. The chair should preferably have no armrests. This will assure that the guest of honor gets the closest, most embarrassing strip show of his/her life.

Do we need to tip the dancers?

Absolutely! Our entertainers work for tips; this is industry standard and the best way to take your party from mild to XXXtremly wild! If you hold back so will they!The show-up fee supplied to the dancer at the start of the show covers the dancer's time, fuel, supplies, etc.

It’s a good idea to suggest to all your guests to bring $30-40 in tip cash, each entertainer has set games that they play with the crowd that are priced at different levels. These girls are fun, hot and very wild; they rely on your tips for encouragement. Show your love and appreciation for the sexy girls who get naked and naughty.

Can I take pictures o video during the show?

Under no conditions are pictures or video allowed without explicit permission from the dancers.Please understand that most entertainers do not want naked photos of them in circulation.However, it is up to each individual entertainer to make that decision, ask them politely before the show begins and if she declines respect her wishes. Some entertainers may charge for photographs.

If a party guest is caught taking pictures or videothe entertainer has the right to confiscate them at the end of the party or they may decide to end their performance and leave the premises. Under these circumstances, payment will not be refunded, no exceptions.

Do the entertainers offer “extra” services?

If by “extras” you mean sex services, absolutely not! Our entertainers are not escorts! Prostitution is illegal, so if you or any of your guests ask for sexual services, the show will be terminated immediately and you and or your guests will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Each dancer works hard to earn a living. Stripping may seem like an easy job but much time and preparation goes into it. These strippers are real people and should be treated as such. The more respectful you show, the more fun everyone will have. Please do not be rude to them, or ask them for sex. These are entertainers, not escorts. If people are disrespectful, the dancer has every right to leave the party before the time has ended and no refund will be given.

As the host, you have the responsibility to make sure that all your guests are aware of the rules and follow them to the letter. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole event, so guard against individuals becoming too drunk or too wild. Recruit trusted friends to help you in this task. Please be aware that if an entertainer feels scared, threatened, or disrespected, the show can be ended at any time with no refund. The entertainers want to have fun, too, and when they do have fun, your party will benefit. Our entertainers are professionals, and when you and your guests are kind enough to treat them with respect, you will be rewarded with a great experience.It is not permissible to pinch, slap, bite, lick, or verbally abuse any of our dancers. Please use caution with cigarettes and drinks so as not to spill on or burn the dancers. Please do not touch without first receiving permission. Also, don't take souvenirs without permission, as some of the equipment and clothing items can be quite expensive.

What the “No Time Limit” mean?

The basic show can range from 60-90 minutes; however the length of time each entertainer stays is approximate and not guaranteed. Times could be more or less depending on crowd size and participation. You could always get a stripper to stay longer by tipping them and if their schedule allows it. You can go to the bank and get enough singles for everyone. This allows your guests to exchange their larger bills for your singles.

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

In the event of a cancellation, the following policy will be upheld:

Cancellations received from the time of booking up to 24 hours prior to the day of the event, will be subject to a $50.00 processing fee per entertainer. Reservations canceled less than 24 hours of the party will be subject to a $100.00 processing fee per entertainer. If at any time within one year of the canceled event you decide to reschedule it, all processing fees originally charged will be credited towards the new date's event. You can apply your deposit toward your next party with us at no additional charge.

What is your return policy?

There isn't one under any circumstances.Once the entertainer begins their show, there are no refunds and no exceptions. If for some reason you don't like the entertainer before they start their show, you can call us at that moment so we can offer you a 100% refund. Under no circumstance can you get a refund after the entertainer is paid for service.