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What’s the show about

STAGE 1- Trashing The Bachelor.

Most all the Los Angeles bachelor party strippers begins their bachelor party routine performing a vary wild and interactive special surprise (bachelor Party Hot Seat) striptease dance dedicated to the bachelor. Our strippers will also offer the crazy bachelor party games routine with the Bachelor. This will include some embarrassing fun and surprises from the strippers for the bachelor party crow’s approval and Strippers Chair Gymnastics are optional!

Stage 2 - Lap Dance / Floor Dances.

Our Los Angeles strippers will offer bikini dance, topless dancers and nude daces. Variations include Lap Dances, Floor Dances and Private Dances. The strippers dance stage of the interest, participation and generosity that the strippers receive from the guest’s at the bachelor party.

Stage3 - Hot and Wild Girl-Girl Lesbian love Show.

“Please use Your Imagination” this will help with our description. The Girl-Girl Lesbian love show can be with 2 or more strippers. The love show can range from a mild to a very sizzling hot, Interactive, sexy, wild and erotic show depending on the crowds interest and generosity. Our Los Angeles strippers being various goodies such as Wickedly Wild Props, Hot Oil, Love Candles and so much more.

STAGE 4- Wild Party Strippers Party Games.

Our Los Angeles strippers will always offers various Interactive Wild-N-Crazy Bachelor Party Games for the party. The games start with the bachelor who will receive a complimentary demonstration of the games from our strippers. The games will then be offered to the entire bachelor party crowd. Some of the games offered include “Around the World w/Whip Cream”, “Body Shots”, “The Slippery Kitty”, “Fire-N-Ice Oil Rubs”, “Mudslide” and more. Each stripper or stirrers will offer their own

Two Girl shows are up to 1 hours minimum, though most often lasting longer. Extended time length depends on the crowds participation and cooperation. The Girls will "STRIP TOTALLY NUDE".

San Diego Stripper Rates

female strippers

1 Girl VIP Show
$ 225
Min 60-90 Minutes
2 Girl VIP Show
$ 425
Min 60-90 Minutes

2 Girl Fantasy Show

This is with tow female striipers performing and interacting with each other. The Bachelor reseives extra care and more attention than in the original VIP Show. An exellent choice for your bechelor party
No Time Linit $500

2 Girl Extreme Show

This includes naughty party games and sexy lap dances, and concludes with a wild girl on girl show. This show will leave your guests talking for weeks afterwards.
No Time Linit $500

Sun Diego Bachelor Party

This includes naughty party games and sexy lap dances, and concludes with a wild girl on girl show power toys
No Time Linit $500

male strippers

1 Male VIP Show
$ 225
Min 60-90 Minutes
2 Male VIP Show
$ 425
Min 60-90 Minutes

other services

Topless Waitresses $120

Nude Waitresses $200

Addition Dancer $200

Strip O Grsm(15-20) $150



** The show up fee is just that, a show up fee to get your entertainer to your private engagement. The person responsible for putting together the party is also responsible for informing his or her quest of their duty to provide tipping money to the dancer. Each dancer plays her own games that are priced according to the level of wildness. Depending on crowd participation, games get more and more interesting as the dancers show progresses. It is recommended that each guest bring at least $20 to $50 of tipping money. Some entertainers even sell photos, calendars or personal items at the end of their shows.